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Creating solutions for an industry that has been around for a long time brings challenges and a fresh tech perspective. Creating a business to business enterprise application within such a niche area required much collaboration with the executive team and then clear communication with the development team. We paired down the bloat of the original app into one that is now streamlined, clean and easy to use. Our goal was to get out of the way and make it easy for restaurants to handle their bills to the food supplier so that can get back to the important business of creating delicious food!

Designing a solution for many different restaurants and companies came with some challenges. One product needed to be easy and accessible for restaurants paying bills. The other product needed to be able to be white labeled and make sense for distributors to manage payments and collect. In the end, Billfire cut the days of sales outstanding by several days! It's clean, has a consistent design system and works responsively on many devices.

Restaurant Client Payments Dashboard



In collaboration with the executive team, we created a whole new and consistent experience for the food industry. I also had the opportunity to give this game changer a fresh brand!

Release Date:
December 2017
UI/UX & Branding

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